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Agnito Technologies, as a leading lottery management software provider company helps you in creating ultra-modern lottery software.

    Lottery Management Software Providers

    Agnito Technologies, being a well-known online lottery software development company develops ultra-modern and robust online lottery software. We also deliver customized lottery solutions that aid users to streamline exciting gaming experiences. With endless opportunities, we offer feature-loaded and remarkable lottery software that runs smoothly on all operating systems and devices.

    Since our development is backed by a strong team of innovative professionals, we can facilitate a whole new spectrum of gaming experiences. Our payment gateway and API integrations make lottery software development easier.        

    We’ve covered it all. Let’s discuss your first lottery software development project. 

    Lottery Management Software
    Lottery Management System

    Benefits of a lottery management system

    A lottery management system is a great way to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a lottery system. It can help to streamline the process of running a lottery by automating various aspects of the process. It can also help to reduce the amount of administrative work needed to manage a lottery, allowing more time to be devoted to other aspects of the business. Additionally, lottery management systems can provide greater security and accuracy to the lottery process, reducing the chances of fraud and errors. Finally, these systems can help to provide better customer service and increased customer satisfaction by providing more efficient and accurate ticket processing and payments.

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    Lottery Management Software Development Services

    • Lottery Terminals

      Our lottery Kiosk & POS terminal solution allows the perfect reading of QR codes. Not only this, the POS terminals stand out to accommodate market demands conveniently.

    • Lottery Management Software

      Our lottery software comes with a management facility and is equipped with Terminal Management Systems, MIS Panels, Customized online gaming suites, and multiple payment gateways.

    • RNG Lottery Solutions

      Our RNG lottery solutions make your business scalable by incorporating efficient algorithms and cryptographic hardware.

    • Lottery Tracking Software

      We provide inexpensive tracking software solutions to simplify and automate daily covers. It avoids stockouts to provide better accuracy.

    • Lottery Gaming Suite

      We build a lucrative and versatile lottery gaming suite that has super lotto, megamillions, cards, keno, power ball, and Pick 4.5 family.

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    Lottery Software Expertise

    Lottery Software Solutions

    Agnito gives custom lottery arrangements for auto and manual pick choices. We create a standard lottery of 3, 4, and 5 balls.

    Lottery Management Software

    Our lottery management solutions come with an auxiliary database to gather player information. Also, it gives auto drawing abilities.

    2D & 3D Lottery Design

    Our designer and developer leverage programming language power to create 2D and 3D lottery software.

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    RNG Lottery Solutions

    We integrate RNG logic using the Microsoft RNG library and Mersenne Twister. The solutions build trust and transparency among players.

    Lottery Mobile App Services

    Our mobile systems allow customized pushed notifications with jackpot alerts, winning numbers, and scan tickets easily.

    Lottery Management Software Features

    Our Lottery Management applications come with various features like

    Real-time Updates

    You will receive live updates in our online lottery management software for recording and managing purposes.

    Ticket Theft Detection

    We provide faultless lottery management system development services. Our ticket theft detection provides full security.

    Ticket Management Tools

    Want to track your scratched-off and suspended tickets? Use our ticket management tool feature. It will help you tremendously.

    Player Management Tools

    Our player management tools make lottery management software easier. It aids you in maintaining data securely and safely.

    Automated Backups

    Don’t fear losing data with our automated backup feature. All your data gets accumulated safely in a specific location.

    Our Strength

    Affordable Services

    Our app development center follows lower margin rules; hence we strongly believe in delivering quality services and support at affordable prices.

    Seamless 24x7 Supports

    Our 24×7/365 days support helps clients to establish one-on-one communication. You can either email us or contact us through instant skype messages.

    Our Strong Commitments

    Providing worldwide clients complete satisfaction is our prime focus and we commit to leading our clients on the path toward success.

    Flexible Engagement

    Being an emerging development company, we have competency in a myriad range of technologies and know-how to leverage the power of those technologies.

    96% On-Time Completion

    When you choose Agnito, you tap some of the best developers across the world that possess relevant expertise in the field. Providing on-time delivery of projects

    Great Technological Expertise

    Our developers and consultants possess profound experience in web & mobile domains and can perfectly understand the needs of clients.

    Lottery Management System OLD

    Why choose Agnito as Lottery Management System Provider?

     Agnito Technologies has always been a leading name in the field of lottery software development. Over the past 10+ years of expertise, we have delivered hundreds of lottery software to our worldwide clients. The lottery software we create is visually astonishing and appealing and can run on various operating systems. Our passionate and knowledgeable developers aim to offer fantastic lottery software with all features and functionalities.

    If you want to save time and money and build lottery software, then contact our lotto system developers now. Have appealing and outstanding lottery software with our skilled developers. 

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    Jonny Rosengren

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    Agnito Technologies team for helping me with user-friendly iOS app


    Thanks to entire Agnito Technologies team for helping me with user-friendly iOS app. Every part of the development process went exactly as I expected. The best thing I like about Agnito developers is that they go extra miles to provide continual support on all stages.


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    Chase Slepak

    I started the first project with Agnito in 2014 and worked with them on 3 more. I was very happy with the Project Management process and with the timely updates given by the team. He grew his business along with Agnito and gave many new projects to us.

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    Frequently asked questions

    LMS or lottery software is cloud-enabled ERP software that includes tablet, mobile, and web applications. It helps you in administering, managing, and monitoring lottery operations.

    The lottery software development costs can reach as high as 5000-8000 USD. It depends on the business objectives and features you need in your Lotto system.

    Agnito Technologies has been delivering outstanding and innovative lottery software for years and knows how to do the job well. You can contact us today for any query related to lottery software. 

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