Foundation is an open-source front-end framework that helps in designing responsive websites, apps, and emails. It provides a responsive grid, HTML and CSS UI components, templates, and code snippets, forms, buttons, navigation, other interface components, and optional JavaScript extensions to build a responsive site.

Foundation was designed for and tested on numerous browsers and devices. It is a mobile-first responsive framework built with Sass/SCSS giving designers best practices for rapid development. The framework includes the most common patterns needed to rapidly prototype a responsive site. Through the use of Sass mixins, Foundation components are easily styled and simple to extend.

foundation 2
foundation is an open source front end framework

In addition to the regular HTML elements, Foundation contains other commonly used interface elements. These include buttons with advanced features (for example, a grouping of buttons or buttons with the drop-down option, make and navigation lists, horizontal and vertical tabs, navigation, breadcrumb navigation, pagination, etc.), labels, advanced typographic capabilities, and formatting for messages such as warnings.

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