NodeJS Development

Node.JS is a perfect, most demanding, and advanced application development platform to create faster and extensible real-time applications. The best way to make the user feel delighted is to use Node.js development for your application. Node.js works 10 times faster on the client-side and is less resource demanding on the server-side. It is currently being employed by most of the top leading brands such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, and eBay to power their data-intensive and real-time network applications. It has become the tool of choice for Fortune 100 companies. Node.JS develops new opportunities for businesses with its latest extraordinary features. For the businesses which are willing for quick real-time applications, networked applications, high traffic is driven mobile applications that have to deal with platform API and database, it has become the favorite framework. Node.js has become the most preferred platform to build all types of applications.

node js website apps in dehradun
node js website apps in dehradun

Some of the interesting features of Node.js Development

  • Highly Productive Websites
  • Accelerated Development
  • Less Parsing Time
  • Server Side and Networking Applications
  • Easy to Customize and Extensible apps
  • Cloud Scalability
  • Easy to Install and Execute
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Non-Blocking and Event-Driven I/O model
  • Ability to Handle eCommerce Websites
  • Support Service and Applications
  • API Integration and Development

Node.js can be used to build

  • Real Time Tracking Applications
  • Game Apps
  • Data Streaming Apps
  • Rest/Json APIs
  • Single Page Apps

NodeJs Development Services

  • Offshore product development in Node.js
  • Node.js web application development service
  • Node.js development outsourcing service
  • Application migration to Node.js framework
  • Custom application development
  • Real time chat applications
  • High traffic, Scalable applications development
  • Ecommerce, shopping cart development.
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