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How Much Does It Cost To Develop Teen Patti Mobile Game App?

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Over the years, Teen Patti became one of the favorite games of Indians, and now its popularity is rapidly growing in countries too. Due to its massive popularity and demand, many gaming industries are coming forward to develop their own Teen Patti mobile games. The Playstore has a wide range of poker games but very few of them are successful.

If you are planning to develop your own Teen Patti mobile app, then you must be wondering how much cost it requires, how much time it takes to develop the Teen Patti app, and most importantly what feature could be added to attract the gamers. Before that, you must be aware of your target audience and what their preferences and expectations are.

Read along to know more about the estimated cost required to develop Teen Patti Mobile Game App and the factors that reflect the cost.

Factors That Affect Development Cost Of Teen Patti Mobile Game App
In order to understand the estimated cost required to develop Teen Patti, one must be aware of what features he is going to include. Below are some of the major factors that reflect the cost of development of the Teen Patti App.

Teen Patti App Development Company
This implies what type of Teen Patti app you are going to develop and which company you are going to choose for development. You can either hire a freelance developer for Teen Patti Game development or a team of professional developers. The Freelance developer may cost cheaper but hiring a team of professionals could be a little costlier. Hiring a team of dedicated developers is the best option if you want quality. Also, the location where the developers reside may also impact the development cost.

Features To Be Added
Depending on the features you are adding to the Teen Patti app, the cost will either go down or slightly increase. The more features you add the costlier it will become. Some of the popular features that can be added to the Teen Patti application include themes, wallets, and leaderboards.

Another major factor in Card game development is the platform you are developing your application for, such as windows, android, and iOS. Instead of choosing just one platform, it is best to develop an application that could be compatible with multiple platforms.

In-Game Security
A high-performing application with an appealing user interface won’t help your business to grow. Since Teen Patti requires monetary transactions, in-game security should be the major priority of developers. Though it may consume so much time and can be costlier, security will surely attract more gamers.

This is the most crucial stage after the application is developed. It helps developers check if there are any loopholes or glitches and how they can be removed. At this stage, the developer team removes all software-related issues that may arise after launching. Also, there is testing required such as system performance, functions, regression, and others that can be harmful to the application.

No matter how brilliant your game is developed it could not be successful without effective marketing. The user must follow a proper marketing strategy to reach the target audience and be able to compete with its competitors. Given below are the options that can be considered for effective marketing of the Teen Patti game app.

  • Social Media platforms: Promoting your applications is one of the best and the easiest ways to reach more audiences. The user may connect their game with popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and others.
  • Advertisement: This option is a bit expensive as compared to social media marketing. The user may promote the app through advertisements on various advertising platforms.
  • Press Release: This is yet another option to promote your Teen Patti application. This will perfectly describe what your application offers and the unique feature it has. Everything must be included in the press release article including the theme, release date, and other related information.

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